This website was created using HTML from 'The QuestKids do Coding – Create Your First Website in easy steps' book. This is Planet Splendor. By launching this website it will upload the power needed to run the entire planet. This new world has the perfect climate, with renewable energy, no pollution, rubbish is banned, in a place where everyone gets along. A planet like no other, where everything in your imagination is already there.

Cities Awesome cities, towns and homes
Forests Beautiful forests, lakes, oceans and mountainscapes
Weather Amazing weather and wildlife
Energy Renewable Energy
Technology Flying cars and new technology
  • Creator: Dan
  • Launched: 7th December
  • Planet Origin: Earth
  • Species: Human
  • Age: 10
Congratulations! Planet Splendor website has successfully been launched! Energy has been uploaded to this new planet for humans to live on.